Best Spotify Playlists for Kids!

Finding the right tunes for a party can be a challenge, especially when you want music that's both cool and kid-friendly. Lucky for you, we made a few of our own Spotify playlists that perfectly pair with each theme. Hope you enjoy:

Pop Art Party: This playlist was curated by us for your little Picasso's. It's a mix of new age and old school french classics with a splash of Ratoutille.

Pop Western Ssssnake Catcher: Howdy folks, get ready for a bucking good time. From Johnny Cash to Taylor Swift covers. 

Pop Little Chef Party: This playlist is just a loop of Dean Martin's "That's Amore". Just kidding. But thats the overall vibe. 

KIDZ BOP: If all else fails, there is always KIDZ BOP which takes popular songs and gives them a family-friendly twist. This playlist ensures your kids can sing along to the latest chart-toppers without the worry of inappropriate lyrics.

From dance parties to sing-alongs, these playlists strike the perfect balance between being age-appropriate and current music that both you and your little ones can enjoy.


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