Parents Guide to Setting Up Art Party like Picasso

Parents Guide to Setting Up Art Party like Picasso

Are you ready to turn your child's birthday into a colorful masterpiece? Hosting a watercolor art party for kids is not only entertaining but also a fantastic way to unleash their creativity. In this guide, we'll walk you through the 1-2-3's of setting up, complete with interactive art, food inspirations and delightful desserts.

Prepare the Art Station:

  • Cover the art area or table with a paper tablecloth.
  • Set up a dedicated art station with our high quality paper pads, watercolor paints, brushes (included).
  • Provide each child with their own water cup and some paper towels to clean their brushes off.

Puffy Sticker Fun:

  • After the kids finish their watercolor masterpieces and the art has dried, let them express their individuality by adding puffy stickers to their paintings.

Interactive Food Inspirations:

  • Turn ordinary snacks into interactive art-inspired treats.
  • Create a DIY pizza station where kids can decorate their own mini pizzas with colorful veggies and cheese.
  • Make fruit kabobs with a variety of colorful fruits, allowing the kids to assemble their own fruity masterpiece.

Delightful Dessert Ideas:

  • At pop, we are all about ease, instead of having to cut a cake, opt for cupcakes, cookies, or cakepops (idividual servings that are easy to hand out)
  • Stick with the theme, make an engaging cupcake decorating station with frosting and sprinkles and edible eyes. OR  make a build your own ice cream sunday station with whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, sprinkles and cherries on top.
  • Hire it out: purchase a cake and stick to the theme, have them decorate it in watercolor shades, or incorporate paint brushes into the design. Use edible glitter for an extra touch of magic.

Party Favors:

  • Send the little artists home with an embroidered canvas tote bag that they can fill with their artwork and also their watercolor pallette, paper pad, paintbrush, and the remaining puffy stickers.
  • Include a thank-you note expressing gratitude for their creative contributions to the celebration.

Hosting a watercolor art party for kids is an imaginative and enjoyable way to celebrate your child's special day. By following these 1-2-3's, you'll create a memorable experience filled with artistic expression, interactive food, and delightful desserts that will leave a lasting impression on your young guests. Let the colors flow, and watch as the young artists bring their imaginations to life!

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